Sensei Mojtaba

He was born in the city of Golpayegan in Esfahan province, Iran. From an early age, he was a natural athlete, excelling at many different types of sports. In grade ten, his first introduction to martial arts was when he started  practicing Kung Fu. After 6 months, he gave it up in favour of Kyukushin Karate. A year later, he became the champion of his city in an open weight class competition. After completing high school, he went to Tehran, the  capital city of Iran. In 1980, the first national Kyukushin competition was held in Iran. Although he was just a green belt at the time, he was  proud to participate. In 1982, after he had been practicing at Kykushin headquarters for 6 months, he took his black belt test, for which he had to fight ten fighters without a break.  


 He was only the third person in Iran to take this test. At that time, he weighed only 55 kg, and all of his opponents were between 70 and 110 kg. Despite these difficulties, he succeeded and achieved his black belt in Kyukushin. After receiving training, he was appointed as the  Karate coach for that city. In 1987, following a gruelling competition, he became the Iranian national champion in his weight class. In the year of 1990, he competed as a member of the Iranian team in the first international Kyukushin competitition that was held in Iran, and was awarded second place. However, his life was not all about Karate. He was interested in gaining an education, too. He attended Shahid Bahonar College in Esfahan for two years from 1989 to 1991, where he studied Physical Education. Two years later, he went to Azad university in Tehran, where he furthered his studies in Phys Ed.  He graduated in 1995. By 1991, he was a fourth dan black belt in Kyukushin, and a member of the Iranian committee of referees and coaches for the country.

At this time, he was introduced to Enshin Karate, and  found it superior  to all the other types of Karate. he had been exposed  to. In 1995, he went to the U.S and studied Enshin Karate as an  uchidachi at Enshin  world headquarters in Denver, Colorado.  In 1996, he participated in the world champion Karate competition as a  member of the Inernational Iranian Karate team,  where he made it into  the quarter-finals. Later that year, he became a  branch chief of Enshin  in Texas state. In 1997, he moved to Canada, and since then he has been teaching Enshin  Karate in the city of Victoria, B.C.